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Accelerating industry digitalization with 5G

5G presentation by Sara Mazur, Head of Ericsson Research.

Short technology highlights by Jan Höller, Eva Fogelström and Azimeh Sefidcon from Ericsson Research.

On-stage demo by Cristian Norlin.  

Round-table discussion with a tilt towards Smart Factories.  

Invited partners 

Hans Olofsson, Scania

Daniel Gillblad, RISE SICS 

joined by Elena Fersman, Johan Lundsjö and Sara Mazur. 

Moderator: Michael Björn

Auditorium 90min


Demonstrations are open until 14:30.

Read more about the demos.

Demos on the floor will highlight some of our latest research results and proofs-of-concept and provide an opportunity to discuss in-depth with the researchers. The display will include: 

  • Drone traffic management
  • Enabling virtual reality by eye tracking
  • Mixed reality for city planning
  • Security
  • Intelligent network management
  • 5G radio connectivity
  • Cloud 3.0
  • and more
Ericsson Studio floor 240min


Select one of seven parallel tracks:

  1. Security – trust in services and infrastructure. 
  2. Industrial IoT: Mind the gap.
  3. 5G as a trigger for industry innovation.
  4. Digitalizing industries with AI and Machine Learning.  
  5. Future of computing – from Cloud to Quantum.
  6. How will AR/VR change everyday life?
  7. Global mobile industry ready for full-scale development of 5G NR.

Read more about the seminars.

Conference rooms 60min

Closing of the Ericsson Research open day

Auditorium Factory 30min

After the program: follow Ericsson Garage summit webcast

Guests are invited to stay on for a mingle and the opportunity to follow the Ericsson Garage summit webcast.

Auditorium Factory 180min


Sara Mazur
Vice President and Head of Ericsson Research

Accelerating industry digitalization with 5G

Hans Olofsson
Scania, Head of Research within Production and Logistics

Daniel Gillblad
RISE SICS, Director Decisions, Networks and Analytics Laboratory

Azimeh Sefidcon
Director Research, Head of Cloud Systems and Platforms

Jan Höller
Fellow Researcher Internet of Things

Eva Fogelström
Research Director, Head of Security Research

Johan Lundsjö
Principal Researcher Network architecture and protocols

Elena Fersman
Research Director, Machine Intelligence and Automation

Cristian Norlin
Leader Ericsson Strategic Design

Börje Ekholm
President and CEO of Ericsson

Closing of the Ericsson Research open day

Michael Björn
Head of Research Ericsson ConsumerLab

Moderator of session Accelerating industry digitalization with 5G

Innovation and collaboration for industry digitalization

Connectivity and mobility are a natural part of everyday life today and the foundation for the industry digitalization that is starting to happen. 

Ground breaking technology advancements in radio, cloud and networks, Internet-of-Things and Machine Intelligence will drive the next phase, and bring about fundamental change across industry sectors and society.

At Ericsson Research we work in our own labs, and together with partners, to push technology to the limit and create innovations that will shape tomorrow.

We welcome you to join our Ericsson Research open day 2018. Take the chance to better understand how these technologies make the transformation of industries possible, enabled by digitalization.    

It will be a day of inspiration, learnings, new insights and an opportunity to network with Ericsson experts, partners and customers.

Join presentations, demos and seminars where Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, Zero touch management, and Quantum computing - among others - will be discussed. 



Sara Mazur
Vice President and Head of Ericsson Research

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Organized by

Sara Mazur - Vice President and Head of Ericsson Research